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The Gaffa Tapes #3 – Episode #118: I was coming down with a bit of a cold – it could be flu, who knows/cares? I am running a bit of a temperature and my throat is a bit rough. Couple this with not having slept properly since Thursday and I was in no fit state to record a radio show – however, there are deadlines to be met.

I set to with a DJ Mixer that I borrowed and two vintage Marantz Cassette Decks – this is the result.

I quite like to think there is a bit more of a ‘performance’ to this show. Yes, I am playing somebody else’s music, but I am performing it at the same time – this is an interesting dichotomy that needs further, lucid thinking to justify it. It boils down to ‘is DJing performing?” – well, I guess it is how much you put into it. 

I admit i was not going for it, waving vestiges in the air and calling on my zoo crew – I was happily mixing tunes together and that is all I was doing. There was not much to look at – was this ‘performance’?

The Gaffa Tapes #3 – Episode #118

All of the tracks here were sourced from my own collection.

I mixed them in my flat and this DJ mix has been the 118th Edition of The Parish News. I had hoped to do more talking but that would involve heading up to Creao Studio in the wet, cold and ‘orrible night. Not with my ill-health …

What do you make to this? I would be interested to hear what you think to this – I will throw this open on the FB Group so that I might get some feedback. Why don’t you join the group? It may keep you updated.

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