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3 weeks ago

The Parish News

I now realise I was being damn cheeky. I was so wrapped up in my own little bubble that I neglected to see that everybody has the same economic trials. I regret setting up the Patreon Page. It tied the person who would sponsor me into a Banking deal and that is not what I wanted.

I have gone back to basics and set up a system where people can tip me the cost of a coffee. If you like any of the episodes of The Parish News then feel free to send over the cost of a coffee. The address for that is

The Gaffa Tapes will recommence in the middle of the week, at Creao Studio. I will be giving away The Gaffa Tapes as a free stream. You never know, Knaresborough may need an Experimental Cassette DJ?

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1 month ago

The Parish News

Well, I am very pleased with this effort - I pressed "Publish" twelve hours ago and the One-Hundred and Third Edition of The Parish News is already top-10 for its genre on Mixcloud.

I managed to go to Creao Studio on Friday afternoon to record the show. You can listen to it here:

Here is the playlist -

Artist / Song

Del Close and John Brent / Introduction
Samba Toure / Hayame - Be careful !
Baba Zula / Kk Dub
Park Jiha / All Souls' Day
Moskus / Anslag
Nicolas Wiese / MK-Triggered Feedback Piece
Yair Etziony / Microcosmos
Carl Stone / Sonali
Björk / Stonemilker
Gregory Isaacs & The Revolutionaries / Leaving (Dub)
Hauschka / Where Were You
Machinefabriek / BECOMING cd version
NEU! / Im Glück
Running / Feminine

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