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One-Hundred and Forty-Third Edition


Recorded at Creao Studio in Harrogate, North Yorkshire and mastered by Sigil Of Brass Mastering Studio.


Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash.


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Episode Playlist

Artist / Album / Song / Label

Hawthonn / Red Goddess (of this men shall know nothing) / In Mighty Revelation / Bandcamp
Mick Sussman / The Rosenberg Algorithmic Music Generator – Selected Works, Vol. 2 / Abruptly Fabulous / Anticasual Systems
Erlend Apneseth Trio with Frode Haltli / Salinka. Molika / Cirkus / Hubro Music
The London Sound Survey / Thames / Tower Bridge / Machine Room / Persistence Of Sound
Silhouette Sect / The Static Context / Faux Melodrama at the Night Vigil / Focused Silence
Tang Ngarn Si Nong / THE SOUND OF SIAM / Dao Bandon / Finders Keepers
UnicaZürn / Sensudestricto / For The Dark Planets / Touch Tone
Ehsan Banitaba / In Parallel / Étude 2 / Focused Silence
Val Bennett / Trojan Reggae Reggae Chill-Out Box Set / The Russians Are Coming / Trojan Records
Võ Tuấn Minh / War is a Wound, Peace is a Scar / I Long to Return to My Hometown [Quê Mẹ] / Glitterbeat Records
Simon Scott / Soundings / Santori / Touch Tone
Hervé Perez / Imploding Stars / Deconstruct Variable / Focused Silence
Lan Cao – Gregor Siedl – Wolfgang Seidel / Optimistic Modernism / East Anglia / Moloko+
Jeffrey Roden / Threads Of A Prayer Volume 2 / Threads Of A Prayer / Solaris
Jana Irmert / End of Absence / T like a cross / Fabrique Records
TOTAL E.T. / P.A.S.T. / P.A.S.T. / Focused Silence

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