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One-Hundred and Thirty-First Edition



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Episode Playlist

Artist / Album / Song / Label

Robert Lippok, Kaan Bulak / Kubus / Kubus II / Feral Not
LaBrecque | Barakat / Terminal Desert / Planet R-101 / Karlrecords
Sam Ashley & Werner Durand / I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good / I’d Rather Be Lucky Than Good / Unseen Worlds
gintas k / M / 5m / Self Release
LI YILEI / 0:00 / 0:00 / Focused Silence
Åke Hodell / Verbal Brainwash & Other Works / Where is Eldridge Cleaver? / Fylkingen Records
U-Roy / Furry Selection: Luxury Cuts of Trojan / Penny for Your Dub / Trojan Records
Robin Hayward / Words of Paradise / Words of Paradise (pt. 1) / Editions Telemark
Downtrend Shapes Renewal / Screentime / Fear Of The Ocean / Focused Silence
Abby Lee Tee / Imaginary Friends I / Simulacrum VIII-XIV / Czsaska Tapes
Chris Watson / In St Cuthbert’s Time / Lectern / Touch Tone

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