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One-Hundred and Thirtieth Edition


Photo by Muhammed Kara on Unsplash.


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Episode Playlist

Artist / Album / Song / Label

Owl Yeah / You May Have New Messages / You May Have New Messages / Unreleased
gintas k / M / 5m / Self Release
Oli Bailey / Strandloper / Sea Burial / Menk! Records
STEPHEN VITIELLO & TAYLOR DEUPREE / Fridman Variations / Second Variation / 12k
Orfeón Gagarin / Orfeón Gagarin / Voces Mauritanas / Verlag System
Ragnar Johnson / Crying Bamboos / Pu-kil, Bosmun / Editions Mego
Guerrilla Dub System / Dub Force / Heart Of The System / Creao Studio
Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) / Slotmachine / Chicago Glysophat Cheeks / Gruenrekorder
The Star Pillow / Music for Sad Headbangers / Departures / Midira Records
David Stackenäs & Klaus Ellerhusen / Dayton’s Bluff / Dayton’s Bluff / Paricula Recordings
Large Unit / Fluku / Fluku / PNL Records
Lewis Gilbert / Leeds City Sounds / Leeds City Sounds / Self Release

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