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One-Hundred and Twentieth Edition of The Parish News

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The One-Hundred and Twentieth Edition Of The Parish News: It was quite a cold day – freezing in fact. Thankfully Allan at Creao Studio had the place toasty – there a real glow coming from the cork-lined room. It was comfortable. I sat down in front of the mic and mumbled.

There were a few errors in the show tonight – Hildegaard von Bingen was twelfth Century, not eleventh, as I mentioned. Still, it was a long time ago and I am sure she has forgiven me.

The release of note on this week’s edition of the show is by Amp, a London based outfit. They are crowdfunding their album, Entanglement Time – you can see the Crowdfunding page HERE.

This week’s show – Episode #120 – is due to be broadcast on both sides of the Atlantic. If you run a station or a network then get in contact with me – my show is free to broadcast for you.

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Artist / Album / Song / Label

Sequentia / Hildegard von Bingen – Canticles Of Ecstasy / O Vis Aeternitatis
Johnny Flynn / Songlines #144 Top Of The World CD / Detectorists / Free With A Magazine
Amp / Entangled Time / Playing Time / Self Release
Kasper Skullerud Værnes & Andreas Wildhagen / Troposgrafien / Jord og muld / Nakama Records
Lionel Marchetti & Cat Hope (Performed By Decibel) / The Last Days Of Reality / Une Série De Reflets / Room40
Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band / Mirror Man / Beatle Bones n’ Smokin’ Stones
Jan Wagner / Nummern / Nummer G / Klangbad
Silhouette Sect / Metahope / Waiting for Eva at the Tannhäuser Gate / Focused Silence
Anne-James Chaton + Andy Moor / Tout ce que Je sais / Le songe de Ludwig / Unsounds
Augustus Pablo / Barry Myers Presents Scratchy Sounds / Vibrate On (Dub Version) / Trojan Records
Alejandro Remeseiro / Walking / LORAN Meets Pyongyang / Focused Silence
Jasmine Guffond / Degradation Loops / Degradation Loops / Karl Records
Carl Stone / Electronic Music from the Eighties and Nineties / Sonali / Unseen Worlds

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