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The Parish News is an experimental radio show that plays new and avant-garde music, Field Recordings and Sound Art.

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Andrew Backhouse

Andrew Backhouse


Lifted From

Whether birdsong or the sounds of people slinking home from a night of indulgence, each sound becomes a texture and a colour in the presentation, every noise a synaesthesic exploration of how living creatures move through the world around us.

Having spent part of my childhood deaf, I now suffer from an unusual perception disorder. I have no clear recollection of past events – so each field recording is a document of my empirical reality, collected in a way that is both art form and science. I distinctly remember the first time I heard my mother’s voice and when I also heard birdsong for the first time. This turned my world on its head – I hope I can present the world afresh to the listeners of my work, much as this paradigm shift affected me.

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