Morning/Evening thought I would write up about the Seventy-Third Edition. I apologise for the quality of the links but my throat was killing me and I did not know if I would have made it to the end of the show. There is a Flu virus going around my circle of friends – sharing is caring – and it seems to have taken sandpaper to my throat.

The opening track is by Gintas K and is lifted from a mind-bending album called Acousma Light ( – I will try and write up about the release on my review site – but I recommend that you head over to the above link to listen to the album and hopefully buy it.

The “upcoming/exciting” Bulgarian label I mention is Amek Collective – they seem to be putting out a lot of good work at present and the smart money could be on keeping an eye on them. They are based in Sofia and release on Cassette/Vinyl. They are trying to challenge the Eastern European music taste by releasing bold, locally-sourced music and putting on shows of international artists, who Bulgaria has never had the chance to experience live before. Seems there is a real vibe to their communication and it was a pleasure to dig through their work. Link –

So, here is the playlist for the show –

Artist / Album / Track

Gintas K / Acousma Light (gk rec. 2018) / Episode#1
Conjecture / My Body, Your Temple / C (feat. Aevin)
The Nightcrawlers / The Biophonic Boombox Recordings / Luv-Li-Musik
Jlin / Black Origami / Holy Child
Abby Lee Tee / Herbert`s Archive / Repository I
Konstrukt & Keiji Haino / A Philosophy Warping, Little By Little That Way Lies A Quagmire / A2 All Things Will Be Reduced To Equal D お Tっっ3 BBRc MMM あ元 Part 2
West Norwood Cassette Library / LESSONS / Tom At The Library
Marcus Fischer / Loss / Nocturna
Dedekind Cut / The Expanded Domain (HG1704) / Cold Bloom
Tod Dockstader / Organized Sound / Travelling Music
Leslie Butler / Trojan Presents: Dub / Ashanti Ganja Dub
Captain Beefheart / Avalon Ballroom 1968 / Old Folks Boogie
Big Bill Broonzy / Classic Box Set: The Bill Broonzy Story (Remastered) / Speech 3 (From “The Bill Broonzy Story”)
Big Bill Broonzy / Classic Box Set: The Bill Broonzy Story (Remastered) / Tell Me What Kind of Man Jesus Is (Ananias) (From “The Bill Broonzy Story”)
Joe Mcphee / Nation Time / Nation Time
Nahawa Doumbia / La Grande Cantatrice Malienne Vol 3 / Danaya (à Sidi Konaté Pour Toujours)
Ghedalia Tazartes, Pawel Romanczuk & Andrzej Zaleski / Carp’s Head / Danse Inverse
Otso / Dendermonde / Banshee
Henri Chopin / La Plaine Des Respirs / Prologue LES Souffles