The second release from Czaszka Records that I am reviewing tonight – this one, by Monte & Hep!, is somewhat a bit more obscure, a bit harder to pigeonhole. Hell, the entire oeuvre of the label is hard to fit into one category, but that seems to be the case with Czaszka Records – they put out extraordinary cassettes that defy bracketing.

And, you will be pleased to know, Monte & Hep!’s “Samphappalapa” is no exception.

The only information I could find on the label’s Bandcamp Page is –

Monte Burrows and Hep!Collective is Joe McKay and Lorenzo Peluffo.

I will embed the audio in the footer of this post but first, let me try and convince you why you need this album …

There are some great field recordings that span the globe on the two sides of this release – whether they are taped radio broadcasts or actually from China I do not know (my Mandarin is too rusty to tell the dialect) but there is a deft elegance to the composition of the field recording and a deft elegance of the synthesiser compositions around the Field Recordings.

The pieces on this cassette allow you to breathe – as opposed to Angel Dust’s “Soft Shots” the reviewer for this release is put at a guarded ease – there is a sense of a 1970’s utopia-gone-wrong about this album. Paying homage to the early pioneers of electronica, where the Radiophonic Workshop experimented with what they had to hand so have McKay and Peluffo. I applaud them for their playful correspondence from the artist to the listener – it plays well and is instantly lovable.