Listening to Hep!Collective’s “Kitchen” for the first time can be compared to falling in love for the first time. You have never experienced anything so moving, so powerful – yet you are unsure what it is exactly. I am unsure if it is the Sticky Toffee Pudding I have just eaten or the digital copy of “Kitchen” that I am currently listening to right now – but – I have butterflies.

There is a quiet poetry to the way the recordings on this album are cut up – I have been informed the whole oeuvre of Hep!Collective’s work is done on Magnetic Tape. Coupling this, there is a very lo-fi/DIY vibe to “Kitchen.” I now know that the butterflies in my stomach were caused by the music – not the Sticky Toffee Pudding – as the music has stopped and I feel vacant. Like I am missing a lover.

Like the passing of a memory of “what it used to be like” this is an instantly nostalgic, amazing release – But, why am I so in love with it?

This album is fresh, it is underground and it has a dream-like quality that most artists further up the chain can only hope to mimic. Hep!Collective is just one man, Lorenzo. A graduate of Milan’s Fine Art Academy, he contacted me directly after I reviewed “Samphappalapa” the other day. I purchased “Kitchen” in its digital format – the cassette ‘sides’ as two digital files. I recommend you do too. I really recommend that you do too.