“Deep Architecture” is a release I have grown to love – I was sent the forty-five minute, single-track album by DAW through www.wetransfer.com. I was, admittedly, slightly hesitant about ploughing into this release – I thought that the naivety of the artist’s pseudonym would be expressed in the music.

I was wrong …

What the album lacks in ‘presentation’ it certainly makes up for it in style. An ultra-minimalist composition using, what sounds like, synthesisers, guitars and contact microphones herds you into a rapturous exaltation and then kicks you into the gutter.

The beauty of this release is that the individual sounds are allowed to breathe. There is grace and thought behind every plink and plonk. It is a well-mastered piece of music but it is not an easy listen – I do not think this piece was intended to be listened to as you are, say, fixing some eggs for lunch – but it is a cold, brutalist meditation on the status quo.

The elements of Musique Concrète are almost a Musique Brutaliste, “Deep Architecture” reduces the concept of music to inordinate sounds and presents them afresh. From kettle-whistles to synth throbs – this is a beautifully cold, well-mastered work.