“Field recordings and electrostatic charges pumped through my veins, mangled, strained, strung out & drained for cochlear absorption.”

Above, you can read what the label has written on the Bandcamp Page representing the album “Soft Shots” by Angel Dust. I was approached by Michal – the proprietor of Czaszka Records – who is releasing a brace of releases this December, in 2017.

I admit that Czaszka Records are a bit of a new name with me – however, I found out that they put out superbly designed, limited edition cassettes and are based in Edinburgh. They have only been going since last year (2016) – and they seem an incredibly well-presented outfit. But, does the aesthetic match the audio?

You will be pleased to know that Czaszka Records is now my favourite label North of the border. I spent hours on rapturous glee streaming their music. One release that is a standout body of work is Angel Dust’s “Soft Shots” – combining lo-fi field recordings and synthesised shenanigans it really is a great piece.

But why?

Well, there is a whole heap of uncomfortable claustrophobia but there is also a lot of peace achieved through that very fact. It is not New Age Ambient – but, then it is not Power Electronics either. It is instead a relevant release and fitting for the descent towards ‘Mad Friday’ before Xmas – part claustrophobia, part merriment – all ‘come-what-may’ – I really recommend you check out the stream at the bottom of this post and think about getting a copy of the album.