Jean-Philippe Feiss is a French cellist and composer also interested in electronics. He studied classical music with Xavier Gagnepain, and went to jazz and improvised music after finishing school. He founded Sibiel, atria cello/ double bass/guitar in 2001. The band made 3 albums, and several scores for silent movies, written by Jean-Philippe. The trio has played many concerts in France and Europe. He writes also music for the theater, and play it live in several productions. Besides that, he’s a member of the French jazz scene, playing with Emmanuel Bex, Louis Sclavis… Eclectic, he also played with different musicians like Richard Bona, Patrick Watson, Inga Liljestrom, Chassol. He also collaborates with the artist Sigalit Landau on several video installations. Approximatly 10 years ago, he started to play with synthesizers. He first had a Korg MS10, and he totally fell into the synths world.


Jean-Philippe Feiss, aka Ze-Ka. By Louis Sclavis.


Ghost Planet is Ze-Ka’s first solo release. The names of the tunes such as ‘Fission’ and ‘Red Forest’ and especially ‘Landscape’ was inspired by the Chernobyl disaster of 1984 – the album is related to our environment and our impact on it. The music is made of slow minimalistic drones, made for thinking and introspection – all deftly done, hanging in the air like a meaty gauze. The repetition makes new things happening after a moment, like harmonics, rhythms etc. The interplay between tones is sublime and piercing – all too temporary.

“Ghost Planet” is the soundtrack to an environmental disaster, essentially – it is picturing a world without human-kind and the post-apocalyptic strains of a witnessless world. The idea behind the album, “Ghost Planet” is to take some time to listen to the music and forget everything but your dreams and imagination.

A very promising solo work – hopefully, there will be more to come.

Released by Opa Loka Records, “Ghost Planet” is available now.