I’m quite a bit in love with this release …

I was approached by Jodie when she emailed the site. Having listened to the album, I ended up paying top dollar on her Bandcamp Page* for the album. But, why?

Jodie Lowther

“Skeleton Moon” is ætheral in beauty. Armed with only her synthesiser and voice, Lowther deploys the use of Cathedral-size-reverb and looping technology to the amazing effect.

There is something of the playful nature of a Tim Burton film to this release – there is also shades of the pastoral idyll gone wrong. Opening with subtle tones the album peaks at the track “Snow Gloam.” As stated, there are elements of a haunted landscape – with tracks like “Rabbits” & “Night Tide” there is more than a passing nod to Folk Horror.

Jodie Lowther deploys minimal means to great effect – one of the best Hauntology albums to come out of 2017.

Jodie Lowther is an illustrator/video artist and half of the duo Quimper. She also previously co-ran Soft Bodies Records. Having previously released two solo albums (Klepsydra and Circles & Holes). Skeleton Moon is her third album. This is an amazing body of work – I will be checking out here other releases off the back of “Skeleton Moon.”