Kathryn was busy watching Strictly Come Dancing – so, as it is not really my bag, I sat down and recorded the Fifty-Seventh Edition of The Parish News.

I am still pointing people to www.theparishnews.com or this site – so I can detailed statistics to who listens really.

Still, my “Michael Jackson” microphone is working great – please see the relevant player to scope it out.

Playlist –

Song – Artist

Firmament – Peter Zirbs
Pakistansk – Juxtaposition
Lumia – David Lee Myers
Five Gates – UUUU
Live Document: EMA Expo 2016 – Wolffflow
Capita-lism Crashed – AGF
The Black Dress – Svarte Greiner
10 – Jason Grier
The Field – Rafael Toral
Fogged_M1 – Pye Corner Audio
O – Foch Delplanque
Etude 6 – Andy Backhouse
Chevaux – Ô Paon
Cymbalcork’s Chiasmus – Bill Horist
Harmonic Necklace – Penguin Cafe Orchestra