Now then, I was sent this album by Dense PR – who operate a tight ship out of Berlin. At the first listen – I was flummoxed. After a series of noisier and less melodic albums, TAR by Siavash Amini catches the active listener with a subtle tension that oscillates between both discomfort and transcendence. After putting to bed bad habits – I listened to this recording on my good system and I was blown away by the release.

Siavash Amini by Selma Pour-Amin

Much like the album Sigil Of Brass by Earth (the name of that album is where I got the name for this blog from) there is a raw, with-held power to this recording. It seems the equivalent of a Lion pacing behind bars a few metres away – you know that the Lion has the power to rip you from limb from limb but there is a safety screen in the bars and that is all … it is only a matter of time. To continue this metaphor – there is a ethereal beauty and majesty to the movements of the beast – but you know it has the capacity and inclination to destroy you.

However, TAR is never a completely dark album. There is are virtuoso performances by Pouya Pour-Amin on Electric Double Bass and Nima Aghiani on violin. The mastering is done to perfection by Lawrence English and the over all maestro is the renowned Siavash Amini.

This is Amini’s 4th solo LP and it is a Drone record.

Apparently it is meant to explore the tensions between an individual and collective subconscious – an enquiry of how an individuals fears, hopes, ambitions and qualms can be related to a broader, collective state of mind – it is an effortless beauty of an album.

TAR was premiered in February 2017 as a part of CTM festival’s Fear Anger Love edition. It sees the light of day on Hallow Ground in June 2017.

Siavash Amini by Stefanie Kulisch