Currently I am on holiday in the Highlands of Scotland – the sun is out and there is the constant presence of the sound of the shoreline that laps against this quiet Highland borough. Time moves at a different pace here. There is a deep rooted sense of history and a wonderment by visitors of it’s exceptional natural beauty. As echoed in “Riverside Burrows” by Abby Lee Tee.

I have my laptop up here with me to aid in holiday based procrastination whilst it is raining outside (this is the summertime in the far North of Scotland after all). I received a welcome email from the artist with a download code for “Riverside Burrows.” “Riverside Burrows” is an album I have listened to every day of the holiday.

Well, what is it? It is a two track album of field recordings and assorted acoustic and electronic instruments – but it is done with such care and grace that it is mind boggling how like gossamer this recording is.

“Riverside Burrows” echoes the subject matter it draws it’s inspiration from. Using Field Recordings of rivers from an assortment of microphones and bolstered by both electronic and acoustic instrumentation this is a brilliant album.

Expect immersing yourself in various layers of field recordings, alienated acoustic instruments and floating arrangements: a cinematic journey through imaginary valleys full of running waters, chirping birds, squeaking otters, oinking pigs and clandestine odd sounds. – Abby Lee Tee

Encapsulated herein is a sense of the timeless majesty of the subject matter, a watercourse. This is a relevant release with the decline of natural habitat in Europe and I applaud Abby Lee Tee for highlighting the plight of rivers in such a delicate way. However, I do not hear this album as a protest album – oh no – this is a celebration of winding down.

“Riverside Burrows” is a celebration of long summer nights spent on the banks of a small river with the sounds of nature surrounding you. I am enamored with this album. You can’t help but feel the sunshine on your back with this recording.

Released as a 10″ Vinyl and as a download on Shash Records – the album can be listened to below: