I admit I recorded this fairly late in the week – 3am on a Thursday morning to be exact.

Still, much of a muchness.

The links are crap and the music is great. I have only played around six tracks in this edition of The Parish News. But, they are all gold. This week sees the launch of Total ET’s UNIVERSENSES and I am hyped about that (if hyped is the right term – overly enthusiastic is a better description).

So, here is the track list –


Artist / Album / Song Title / Track Length

Linas Baltas / Anthology of Lithuanian Art Music in the 21st Century / Popcorn (2013) / 10:27
Luc Ferrari / Hétérozygote / Petite symphonie… / Hétérozygote / 26:19
Ezekiel Honig / A Passage Of Concrete / Fugue State part 2 / 2:23
TOTAL E.T. / Universenses / U.snss HIGH / 47:04
Dylan Carlson & Coleman Grey / Falling with a 1000 Stars and other wonders from the House of Albion / Tamlane / 10:18
The Tantric Doctors Meet Pingham Bark / A Green Ritual In Blue / A Green Ritual In Blue Pt. 2 / 23:20