The opening track of “Oto Hiax” had so many warm influences that I was taken back to long drives with my dad. We used to drive from Kent (south of London) up to the top of the Scottish Highlands in the 1980’s. The reason was to visit my Granny. The album “Oto Hiax” instantly envokes a warm fug of nostalgia.

Is this the closest thing to a romantic record I have written about? But is the romance pertaining to? A distant time? Idyll? Or, is this just nostalgia on my account? I say that now is Oto Hiax’s time. In many ways “Oto Hiax” reminds me of the early work of The Tidswell Noise Collective. There is a warm analogue sound this recording with just the right EQ.

Released on Editions Mego, this is the first full length release from Oto Hiax. Comprising of Mark Clifford (Seefeel) and Scott Gordon (Loops Haunt) it follows one year from their debut release – the EP, “One”.

Fusing together sonic opposites, this album blends concrete sound and loops to construct a miasma of sliding moods. From basic repitition to complex audio suites, this album has it in spades.

I would advise any listener to embrace the unexpected. There are several unusual elements to the composition that drift from my hifi to my ear.

The detail of the recording and the detail that went in to the execution of this album is breathtaking – it pleasantly hits me like a wall of sound. However, this is no foray in to generic sound design – “Oto Hiax” employ a complex ruse; whereby, complex, jarring sounds play out in to a harmonious between a variety of musical styles and genres.

Oto Hiax have produced an album of exquisite detail and beauty.

Released on Editions Mego, “Oto Hiax” is available to purchase here.