A cascade of tones weave electronics, model trains, vocals and environmental sounds together which build, morph and break like ethereal waves.

… so says the branding on the label representing Heart Land, Cream Of Turner Productions. I was contacted by David Marino – from Heart Land – about the possibility of a review here up on www.sigilofbrass.com – I am always up for hearing new music so I obliged. There was a bit of a conversation and I finally got around to checking out the album properly.

What I will say about the opening of the album – if the whole album is anything to go by from it – is that the band, Heart Land, do not do things by half. There are the sounds of rumbling railways, soaring operatics, drones, pads, wailing, reverberation and joy … oh, the joy.

The ‘busy’ nature of the record continues to it’s completion. There is little room to move within it’s cascade – but this is a good thing. Like a LSD trip, this is all consuming and leaves no subjective viewpoint un-examined. Indeed, the overall aesthetic of “Union Pacific Vol 1” remains on the deeper inward motions or an unveiling, if you will, of subconscious states. As is indicative from their first track on the album – ‘Deep End (With Another Root).’

These are sound structures enmeshed and/or evocative of unconscious, dreamlike senses, where sound, tone, music alike have no hierarchical order, thus become interchangeable as accorded to the needs of the moment.

Composed using the sounds of a Model train set among other things – this is a great album

… undulations of a swelling, electronic mass of prolonged tone, whether it is of accompanied players, or manipulated solely through tape it is here to be deciphered.

And, I believe that is what the artists here want you to do – it is like when you come down from a mushroom trip and read through your notes you wrote about your experience whilst still up in the ether: you will have written some witticism saying something like “I exist externally” – not the most eloquent of musings but heart felt and potent to those who have been there. This album is a hymn in the broader church of psychedelics – something to accompany you.