Already out on Sub Rosa – this is an effortlessly cool album. Whisps of smoke and a warming bourbon chaser follow the black tie drawl of Hugo Race and the gifted musicianship of Catherine Graindorge.

An album that is permanently midnight, “Long Distance Operators” is a collaboration between the Australian musician Hugo Race and Belgian violinist Catherine Graindorge. A dream-weaving of violins and breaking dawns, Race’s darkly evocative voice narrates his soul touching lyrics. The duo explore metaphysical lyrics & experimental sounds through the use of electric guitar and violin.

If you can imagine the penmanship of Richard Hawley meets the lyrical swagger of Nick Cave – then you are half way to how good this album is.

Mind, Nick Cave is an artist that Race is mentioned in the same breath as quite frequently …. Having both come from the ’80’s Post-Punk scene of Melbourne, Australia he achieved world wide fame with Dirtmusic. Singer, Songwriter, producer and author – Race is in his element on this release. Catherine Graindorge is the Belgian Violinist who accompanies Race in the duo – violinist, composer & actress, she is know for her work with the Belgian groups Monsoon & Nox. She also plays and composes for the theatre.


Race & Graindorge – by Tulasi Da Prato & Roland Rossbacher