21st century piano music! This is the first solo piano album by Anthony Pateras in 10 years. “Blood Stretched Out” explores sound phenomena, generating swirling overtones through polymorphic repetitions, gradually spanning the entire range of the keyboard. The piece was commissioned by Lampo, premiering in Chicago and since performed all over Europe and Australia, including an infamous concert opening for Faith No More at Zitadelle Spandau! After numerous attempts to capture the phenomenological aspects of the piece to disc, this version was recorded live at Géraldine Schenkel’s Piano Cataclysme in Geneva in 2016.

Anthony Pateras. Photo: Traianos Pakioufakis

“Chronochromatics,” the second track on this one hour nineteen minute release, is an extended study of parallel theme and variations. Ideas are exploded and explored, constantly shifting, melding and re-configuring into continually perplexing forms which manage to come across as both circular and linear – they really are complex pieces of music and can leave you a little perplexed as to your surroundings. “Chronochromatics” was recorded live at The Loft in Cologne for Hayden Chisholm’s Plush Music Festival in 2013.

This is the 8th release in the Immediata series, beautifully presented in ebony recycled cardboard, silver hot stamped text on front, 16 page booklet featuring journal excerpts and technical notes and mastered by Lachlan Carrick at Moose Mastering.

Limited edition of 300 copies, this is a bamboozling wall of piano work – it hits you like a wall of sound and leaves you floundering, gasping at the musicality of the playing and the composition – it is immense; there is very little room for thought or breath but it is a feat, and an endurance feat at that, but a welcome marathon.

Think of this as ‘Power-Piano’ – it is not all that pleasant and comfortable, but it is mesmerising and captivatingly brilliant.

Released 13 March 2017 on Immediata Records and available as a CD and Download. For more on the artist, please go here: anthonypateras.com.