The Pinkcourtesyphone project has released another album. Entitled, “Taking In To Account Only a Portion Of Your Emotions” – this project by Los Angeles-based sound artist, Richard Chartier, is very impressive.

Now to say how I arrived at that conclusion.

Some people compare Pinkcourtesysphone’s output to The Caretaker, Angelo Badalamenti or William Basinski. For it is rooted in the deep, dark and mysterious wonderment of ethereal drone.

However, “Taking In To Account Only A Portion Of Your Emotions” is not dark at all. Yes, there are elements of the deep night, but there is a dawn on the horizon. With a deft touch of humour, this album is amorphous, changing and slippery. It heralds the moment between slumber and wakefulness – slipping in and out of consciousness yet remaining elegant and detached.

There are passages of speech that awaken the dreamer within. Yet the somnambulist charm of the electronic drones makes the whole affair a pleasant experience on the listener.

Do not expect to go to a nightclub after listening to this album. This is one for your camomile tea and slippers. Yet, it is so much more than that.

There is the impression that the album is trying to reach through the cosmic interference and have a conversation with you. Is this album a psychotic experience? Maybe. The recorded speech of a woman answering a dead phone line makes me want to reach out to the album.

And, what a hug I get in response.