So, after a weekend of gigs and beer I sat down to do my show.

I had the misfortune to hear a previous edition go out on Sound Art FM whilst I was burning the midnight oil. The thing I learned from that playback is that, previously, I spoke far too fast and monotonously. I was painful to hear.

So, in this edition, whilst there is no break from my monotonous drawl, I have tried to measure my voice – no small feat. It was near impossible to do whilst being carried away with the music.

Recorded in the small hours of Monday morning, I uploaded the show on Monday evening. It will be broadcast on a variety of stations in the future, but, as always – you can hear it here first.


TamTam / Urban Dialog / Urban Dialog / 51:34
Sandro Ivo Bartoli / jeffrey roden: threads of a prayer volume 1 / the passing of a king / 4:46
Geir Stundstøl / Langen Ro / Tony’s theme / 3:29
Anthony Child / Electronic Recordings from Maui Jungle Vol. 2 / I Remember / 4:18
Sendai / Ground and Figure / Liveable Beams / 5:03
Asamisimasa / Sound Of Horse / John White In Berlin (2003) / 13:44
Ingar Zach / le Stanze / Il Battitio Del Vichingo / 15:22
Kim Myhr / Bloom / Milk Run Sky / 10:47
Alex / The Alan Lomax Collection: Prison Songs, Vol. 1 – Murderous Home / Prison Blues / 2:20
Truists / Ballroom / you need a get out of hell free card / 4:07
Alejandro Remeseiro / Walking / BBC And Voice Robots From Glasgow / 1:07