From the opening bars of “Still Air” I was transported to a timeless vacuum. There is an aching beauty from the stillness of this album; it does not affront.

“Still Air” is the third solo album by Japanese electronic musician and soundtrack composer, Teruyuki Nobuchika. Released on the German label, Oktaf, “Still Air” delivers classical sensitivity and electronic meanderings.

oktaf13_frontHaving previously released music on well-known Japanese label, Plop. Nobuchika is a genius – I do not use the word lightly.

There is an air to the album that just lets it breathe – there is no claustrophobia in this album; it is not affective music. Yet, it touches parts of the mind and soul that only a lover can.

Using a blend of ambient pads, glitches and piano – Nobuchika has delivered an album that is of amazing beauty. “Still Air” is an amazingly mature, yet open, album – as a performance piece as well as a presentation for production quality: there is a sensitivity to the album that just bewilders.