I am not a patriot. I am the last person to start an argument based on the fact that I have certain privileges due to being born in the country I was born in.

However, I received “Hue” by Simon Goff in the mail – This album is Goff’s solo work but he has pedigree as he is from the band Hope & Social. Hope & Social are based in Leeds, 16 miles away; it came as a pleasant shock to learn of that.

I would harp on about “Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire …” but I am an adopted Yorkshireman – so I smugly smile when I listen to this beautiful, beautiful album.

In it’s entirety, “Hue” is a performative installation by visual artist Sebastian Kite, composer Simon Goff and choreographer Lisanne Goodhue. I have yet to see the performative installation – With “Hue,” British multi-instrumentalist Simon Goff explores the musical space between minimal music and drones, music performance and installation.

hdsr001_frontThe music is breathtakingly … light.

There is an airiness and breath to the music that remind me of the early works by Penguin Café Orchestra. A playful album, “Hue” is a balm on troubled ears.

After being a member of Leeds (UK) based cult-pop band Hope and Social for 6 years, known for their inclusive brand of music making, Goff is now further exploring how to involve spectators and other performers in his creative process. Having relocated to Berlin in 2015, Goff is a regular collaborator with the likes of Andrea Belfi (Constellation, Miasmah), Aidan Baker (Alien8, Brokenspine) and Pete Simonelli (Enablers). Goff’s interests lie in challenging his upbringing as a classical violinist and deepening his understanding of the sounds that have surrounded him for over 20 years. Also, he is all about engaging with electronics to enhance his ability to include other people in the music creation process, for him the most important and enjoyable part of being a musician.

Goff’s music focuses mainly on string instruments and electronic processing and in recent years he has written music for dance, film and sound installation. He has performed and shown work in Europe, America and the Middle East and since mid 2016 he has been part of the team at VoxTon studios in Berlin working on records for the labels such as Erased Tapes and Naxos as well as film soundtracks with composers Hauschka and Dustin O’Halloran.

As the nights draw in during Ocotober – I am preparing myself for the winter darkness. However, I already have a sense of Hygge with “Hue” – there seems to be a rosy warmth and well-meaning emanating from the stereo as I play “Hue” back for the umpteenth time. I have repeatedly revisited this album since in came through on the Monday and I will keep it on rotation for a good while yet.