This the second release that I have reviewed tonight from Hallow Ground. HG1606 is Reinier Van Houdt’s “Path Of The Errant Gaze” and it is another ambient release – but one so different from the previous Hallow Ground release, “Bad White Corpuscle” by Electric Sewer Age.

Reinier Van Houdt has performed as a classical trained pianist for the premieres of works by Robert Ashley, Charlemagne Palestine and many others. He has worked with composers such as John Cage and Luc Ferrari. Reinier van Houdt plays in Current 93, who have recently released an album with contributions by Nick Cave, John Zorn and Antony Hegarty.

“Path Of The Errant Gaze” is an album that taps into the artist’s obsession with recording everyday objects, situations and moments. The act of recording seems to create a third ear, a little loophole in time through which un-imagined parallel fields of sound can enter. In these mini-feedback loops, listening is delving into the imagination already contained in matter. After all, reality can prove so fickle that it is nice to have an empirical record of events.

hg1606_frontPerception is a vice that constantly hallucinates realities. Creating music from these recordings was for the artist like a process of divination of things found crawling under rocks, whirling in shaded corners, traversing the atmosphere, propelling through the ether.

Your ears focused as if in a gaze – but an errant gaze, sleepwalking through the different strata of matter; a gaze uninterested in possibilities, complexity, openness or totality; an errant gaze, melancholic as well as pervasive, inviting contingency by ignoring it.

Using piano, drones & field recordings – Van Houdt deploys minimal tools to great effect and accuracy. Summoning the bare bones of his existence through the everyday recordings of his surroundings, he wields a calming influence after a troubled episode.

Vinyl/digital release via Hallow Ground 2016 – for the link to the record label’s page for this release, please click here.