The artist know as Krzyziz – real name Borowski – heralds from Toronto. He began toying with synthesisers at a young age before emigrating from Poland to Toronto. You may have heard of Borowski under his former pseudonym, Reynard. Following a post graduate degree in the Sciences, Borowski carried on his investigations in sound & music in video games.

The current pseudonym Borowski uses, Krzyzis, encapsulates the more cinematic and darker elements to the man’s productions. “Proto Amnesia” is a dark ambient album based on the primordial deities of Greek Myth.

Humanity has a tendency to forget the past very quickly. Some stories are so old that forgetting them is not only natural, but expected. Primordial deities people once praised have eroded away from our minds.

Re-imagined in experimental sound, these long forgotten deities make for a unique family of pieces. As their interactions were often strange in Greek myth, so too do the tracks build from one another throughout the album. However, families tend to be conjoined in ways they do not get to choose. Though each track represents an entity with its own personality, siblings share similar themes, and parents pass on certain elements to their children. As conflict occurs within modern families, so too conflict between the desires and choices of these deities creates a tension in the entire album.

There is a tension in the album. But, there is also a fragility. The multi-layered work here on “Proto Amnesia” stands up with the rest of the music on this blog; like I say in the about section, if I don’t like the album I will not review it.

“Proto Amnesia” is an album of brooding beauty. When you think that you have got the measure of this album it twists the blade so as to dispel all myth as to it’s complacency.

There are some, sacred, moments of peace on “Proto Amnesia.” However, as soon as you have become accustomed to the quiet, in rushes a crushingly bleak piano melody that leaves you gasping for air.

Released on the artist’s own Bandcamp – link Krzyzis’ Bandcamp available here – this album will see the cruel winter sun on November 4th 2016.