I will state this from the outset: this album is not an easy listen.

In 2015, Jim Haynes accepted a residency at MoKS in the village of Mooste, Estonia to collaborate and contribute to Simon Whetham’s Active Crossover series.

For this particular incarnation of Active Crossover, well over a dozen international artists were invited to this region of Estonia to collect old recordings and engage in a cross-pollination of ideas, strategies, and concepts that spawned from those recordings. The refuse from Soviet-era industrial farming complexes, the droned blur of Aeolian harps, massive oil tanks, and the torrent of noise from the Arctic wind ripping through an empty water tower — these were some of the sites that this chapter of Active Crossover archived, with each participant encouraged to trawl through the archives in use of composition, performance, installation, etc.

hms040_frontThrottle & Calibration is the first in a series of albums that find Haynes digging through the Active Crossover archive and grotesquely exaggerating the details into exploded compositions of volatile dynamics, nerve-exposed dissonance, caustic shortwave signal abuse, and a considerable amount of scarred metal.

Marked as one of the more discordant works to date in Haynes’ career, Throttle & Calibration finds company near the atonal, muscular compositions from Hermann Nitsch and the sour, industrial collages that pock the Nurse With Wound catalogue.

Previously released digitally on Crónica, Throttle & Calibration is fleshed out with an additional 20 minutes of material. Haynes is a Bay Area artist, conducting research into the corrosion of sound, photography, and video. Previous recordings have been published by Editions Mego, Ghostly International, Intransitive, Hooker Vision, Elevator Bath, and the Helen Scarsdale Agency among others.

As stated, this is by no means an easy listen: there are moments where I thought about switching off my stereo. However, something kept me listening. It was the discordance of the piece. This album is so atonal that it stands head and shoulders above a vast body of similar work.

“Throttle & Calibration” jumps and jitters about so that it keeps the listener enthralled – part harsh noise, part power electronics – all industrial noise. “Throttle & Calibration” will keep the listener returning to it case.

“Throttle & Calibration” is released on 2nd December 2016 by the Helen Scarsdale Agency.