The hum of a ground loop greets the listener on this ephemeral album. Broadening out in to processed sounds, voice and field recordings this has become the most listened to album in the office since it was received. “End of Absence” is Jana Irmert’s debut album, bringing together six sound works that merge field recordings, experimental electronic sounds and vocal patterns into unique multilayered soundscapes.

Jana Irmert

Irmert is a Berlin-based sound and media artist. Being interested in the vague, irrational, less tangible aspects of existence, she translates inner images into atmospheric audiovisual or sonic spaces that invite the listener to connect with in their own way. Having produced both solo pieces and numerous collaborations, her work features electroacoustic multichannel compositions, audiovisual installations and joint projects with filmmakers, dancers and visual artists.

What are my first impressions – Having just listened to Kim Myhr’s “Bloom”, I was struck by the gentle effeminate nature of the opening of this album. “End Of Absence” lulls you into reuniting you with your pre-thoughts & ambitions.

The electronics are formidable and the field recordings are second to none. Irmert’s vocals have a continental lilt and it is all very pleasing to the ear. There are no sharp angles to the music – it all flows to a conclusion. What is the conclusion you will reach when you listen to the album? Well, music elicits such varied responses that I dare not think what will be going on in your mind when you listen to this. But, as I sulked around my neon lit kitchen at 4am this morning with the album on my headphones – “End Of Absence” gave me solace and comfort.

“End Of Absence” is a testament to the artists dexterity as a Sound Designer. This is the soundtrack to an embrace that seeks not sentiment – a calming influence on a tempered brow. “End Of Absence” is a great album.

“End Of Absence” is available to pre-order from Jana Irmert’s Bandcamp and is released on October 14th 2016.