I approached this album blind, having not heard of the two previous albums in the trilogy (the first one was Lovely Banalities (Crónica, 2009), second – Slow (Baskaru, 2013)). I really was not in the mood for this album – but it soon bought me around to it’s way of thinking.ol16008_front

“Low” sees Gintas K continue to explore microgranulated textures, deconstruction of melodic elements, and sonic plasticities that are altogether melted into blurred colors of acidulous tonalities and dynamic mixtures of metallic sonic palettes. Eleven short melancholic reminiscent pieces are presented on the album.

And, boy are they melancholic – emerging from a crysalistic slumber these tracks awaken the sleeper within; there is a sense of optimism within these dark tracks – but is is one of such fragility that I dare not speak of it.

Whilst you may think that the title of this album will be one of dark ambient – it is actually an uplifting body of work. It proves that there is light at the end of the tunnel as you spiral in to a pit of despair.

I felt like the first rays of Autumn Equinox were shining, beaming on to the back of my neck – there was life in the senses around me, not all was dead: this album witnessed that.