“Bad White Corpuscle” by Electric Sewer Age is the work of Danny Hyde – producer and remixer of COIL, Nine Inch Nails, Psychic TV, Depeche Mode and many others.

This album is the follow up to Electric Sewer Age’s debut Moon’s Milk In Finale Phase which featured also late Peter Christopherson of COIL. Danny Hyde has worked since the early 80’s as a sound-engineer, producer and re-mixer. He contributed many unique sounds to Coil’s legacy and produced their legendary albums Horse Rotorvator and Love’s Secret Domain. Coil lovers know that Hyde was a kind of a secret member for this group. So it doesn’t surprise that this record sounds like a kind of a lost Coil album.

However, I will not dwell on past sentiment for this release. Instead I will catalogue it as a stand alone work for what it is worth.

LP_Cover.indd“Bad White Corpuscle” is such an expressive, emotional, expressive album that I was left completely drained by the end of the first listening to it.

Greeting you like a frosty winter solstice – everything is dead or decaying yet there is light; and you. You alone will witness this phenomena. “Bad White Corpuscle” utterly drains you of your strength – it floored me.

Catalogued on this site as Ambient but, as the category description relates – not all ambient is crystals and Buddhas. This is a Dark Ambient release of some production calibre. Hyde really has his chops together on this release – An utterly draining album, laying all who have listened to it weak and in need of nurture. Like an spectre, Hydes voice ripples in and out of “Bad White Corpuscle” – be it the maniacal laughing or the spoken suicide note.

Before I started www.sigilofbrass.com I had heard a lot of Dark Ambient. However, none of the previous work has any remote connection to the production class of Hyde’s release.

The experience of listening to “Bad White Corpuscle” is that it is a soul jarring experience that leaves you mourning for your ambition. Will my ambition return? Hopefully. Will I return to “Bad White Corpuscle” … definitely, but, not just yet. It is a heavy burden on me at this time of night: my wife has gone to bed and I am drowsy. I have nothing left of the day but recollection and nostalgia. My recollections and nostalgia have been uprooted by “Bad White Corpuscle” and turned in to the loss of hope.

“Bad White Corpuscle” is released on Hallow Ground on 28th October 2016.