On the debut album Lumbar Fist, Richard Van Kruysdijk’s solo project Cut Worms playfully builds compositions from scratch without any prefab beats or loops.

Van Kruysdijk is a founding member of Daisy Bell, an indietronics group with Dyane Donck and Evelien van den Broek. Since 2010, Richard also creates music for modern dance pieces, working intensively and internationally with choreographers Jens van Daele and Itamar Serussi. In 2000, Richard co-founded the record label Music for Speakers. Since then, Music for Speakers has reached a cult status amongst lovers of adventurous electronic music with a hint of melancholy and lust for genre defying experiment.

I am proud to say that this album, “Lumbar Fist,” follows in the same vein. With the name “Lumbar Fist” one would expect a heavy handed approach to the playing out of the dronescape – not here. The light and deft touch of a well-triggered pad here or there sees this work as a bench-mark for Drone on this review site, www.sigilofbrass.com.

CW-M013-digipack-3P_1CD-6-x-8mm-z-kieszonkaCut Worms previewed in the Netherlands at the World Minimal Music Festival in Muziekgebouw a/h IJ, Amsterdam and premiered at November Music festival, ‘s-Hertogenbosch. With this release Cut Worms prove they are clearly not another ambient laptop act

They distinguish themselves by utilising only live generated and processed sounds, both acoustic and electronic. Apparently, during concerts, the musical performance is underlined by sparse, atmospheric black & white imagery projected on a video installation. I would give my eye-teeth to see this type of thing live, but, alas – in sleepy North Yorkshire it will not come to pass.

Using a blend of synthesisers and electric guitar (there is even a spoken word recording in here) Cut Worms have delivered on “Lumbar Fist.”

Like the mercurial sun greeting the alchemist, this albums meets the listener and plays out a holy work; not biblical but one of soul. There are moments where I felt a deep link between practitioner and receiver – Cut Worms broadcasting direct in to my world. It was an intense experience and one I will revisit again and again.