I was a bit late in the week to do this (Wednesday). I normally record my shows as pre-records on a Monday afternoon – however, sleep has not been kind to me this week. I woke up last night at 10pm and did the show at around 7am today.

No biggy – just pottering around an empty studio in High Harrogate.

Bit of  a gentle show with this week – there is a beautiful track by elizabeth Veldon and a nuts remix by Hecq. I think I managed to edit all of the anxiety out of my voice ….

Artist / Album / Track / Track time

Paul Daniel Knowles / Purple Field / Exiles / 10:01
Hauschka / The Prepared Piano / Where Were You / 4:45
Ruby My Dear / Conversions / Hawa (remix by Hecq) / 5:35
Henri Chopin / La Plaine Des Respirs / Finale LES Répressions Casèes / 20:04
Chris Watson / Weather Report / Vatnajokull / 17:59
Christoph de Babalon / The Haunting Past of Christoph de Babalon, Vol. I / Blue Hours / 5:47
Brethen of the Free Spirit / All Things Are from Him, Through Him and In Him – EP / In Him Is No Sin / 4:23
Earth / The Bees Made Honey In the Lions Skull / Omens and Portents 1: The Driver / 9:07
elizabeth veldon / for charlie and ibrahim that they lie in the same grave / we raised a tomb for charlie and ibrahim so they may lie together as they did in mugdock and know the joy of companionship until all things pass. and that we may know this also / 10:02
namke communications / //live at fulford arms//24.06.2016// / Curse Not The Setting Of The Sun, For It Will Rise Again / 24:48
Mark Fry / Dreaming With Alice / Roses For Columbus / 5:18