I was tipped off about this album by one of the artists on the album, Oz Hardwick. “Live At Fulford Arms …” is a recording of two gigs that overlapped yet it is so much more.

The opening track features local poet, Oz Hardwick and Namke Communications – an experimental artist based in York. Now then, I know Oz quite well, but, I thought I would have heard of the man behind Namke …. The second track is solely Namke Communications

There is absolutely nothing written about the album on the Bandcamp page that you can get this release from. So it is up to me to fathom out what they are on about. There is not even an album cover.

The opening track, featuring Oz Hardwick is an experimental piece of prepared guitar and verse. From recollection, I believe Oz is reading from his book ‘An Eschatological Bestiary’. Due to the fact that the recording is live – there is quite a bit of hiss and it is rather lo-fi in quality. I am not saying this is a bad thing by no means, but, if you don’t like crowd noise on your album then you will not like this – but, then again, it’s a live recording. The punch and ‘poofs’ of Oz’s delivery make for a raw take on the opening track. Oz is a master of his craft and it was good to hear him recorded live – in his element.

“Live At Fulford Arms …” really is mesmeric. It is as if I am transposed to a smelly pub in York and witnessing a guitarist bare his soul. Through the use of pedals and, what sounds like, an eBow – Namke Communication has become a master of his craft.

Since 2000 John Tuffen has been performing/releasing electronic music under the name of Namke Communications. Originally formed with Damian Murphy for York’s SightSonic festival in October 2000 – they played at the opening event in the Impressions gallery. Since 2002, Namke Communications has been a solo venture.

During this recording there were times when I was furious with the locals for talking all over the music – If you go to a gig you should be quiet out of respect for the music. A lot of the people were just sat there nattering – which is just plain indecent.

Namke bared all on that stage and there were people talking all over it. True art for the people, ruined by the people. Namke Communications – don’t cast your pearls before swine.