“The legendary sound pioneer Henri Chopin performs his latest work (nov 2003) created in his studio with a microphone and a Revox. This 51 minutes three-part piece demonstrates the astonishing vitality of the 82-year old artist, who remains as forceful and passionate as ever.”

The above is what the label, Erratum, wrote about the release on their Bandcamp. I approached this album after a tip off – I was not disappointed.



Released on the first of February 2005 on the Erratum label, Henri Chopin’s “La Danse …” is a work that perplexes in it’s simplicity yet boggles the mind with it’s complexity.

Recorded as a work of Sound Poetry on to tape, this rough and ready production gives way to the deceased artist’s passion. And boy is there passion in spades. The breathless ethereal warblings from Henri give way to gutter noises that make for a ludicrous take on the medium. However, it swings full steam back in to a complex weaving of a multi-tracked voice.

I am unaware of the technology used in the production of this (what microphone was used and the model of ‘Revox’) – however, it seems quite lo-fi and unpolished. More the better. For this way it gives the artist more scope to experiment with the tools that he has. I have always been told that the best tool is the one in your hand – this is the case with Henri Chopin – he uses the Revox to great effect.

However, to narrow the work down to just the tools is idiocy – the man’s passionate howl against the institution that formed him in his childhood will last as long as there is sense. It is a striking work of breathing, articulate speech, trouser noises and howls that force a smile and yet makes the listener contemplate the nature of art.