Composed entirely from field recordings made at Rue Sainte-Beuve in Lausanne, Switzerland, between 2012 and 2013.

I received this CD in the post today – It is housed in a  card double-gate sleeve and has elegant packaging. I purchased this compact disc from Electric Knife Records – the cover will be embedded below. As the title suggests, this is a recording of two works based around the same construction site in Lausanne, Switzerland. If you want to purchase the CD, might I recommend you pop along to here.



The first track, Les oisaux du lac Stymphale composed by Francisco Meirino, is a 24 minute beast of complex arrangement. Quite in your face at times, this is a multi-tracked monster but one that still leaves room to breathe. There are moments when it becomes a very claustrophobic affair – with the sound of construction echoing around your stereo – but then it will then lull in to a conversation between two workmen as they go about their business.

I believe the composers took their influence from musique concrete – the raw field recording have been arranged to provide a “+” to the documentary side of the genre. I am in awe of what they have done and will take some inspiration from them. However, instead of the overuse of VST plugins, the composer, Meirino, has used the natural musicality of the workmen at work to great effect.

The second track, L’Hydre de Lerne by ILIOS, starts off as a quiet reflection after the storm of Les oiseaux du lac Stymphale with the quiet conversation of the workmen. This is swiftly transplanted to a Field Recording of low resonance that builds, through the use of layers, in to a wall of sound. Completely over powering in nature.

Just as we are getting accustomed to the power of L’Hydre de Lerne the track cuts off, leaving us abruptly. We are treated as the eternal city that witnessed a temporary make over – stoic in our response yet mindful there will be repeat visits.