One person’s day in its entirety, sped up to 24 minutes. one minute of another person’s day (2,132 miles away) slowed down to 24 minutes.

3″ CDR with Hand-sewn silk-screened cover. Edition of 24.

Released on Generator Sound Art as a three inch CD –  Generator Sound Art is a resource for sound artists and sound art related projects, it was created to produce and disseminate original recordings by dedicated sound artists, presenting releases of Electronic, Electro-Acoustic, Noise, and Experimental Music. Uncompromising, non-commercial, and definitely not for everyone. Their projects are geared towards the discerning and adventurous listener.

Generator Sound Art is Gen Ken Montgomery, founder of the GENERATOR SOUND ART GALLERY, NYC, (1989-1992) and Scott Konzelmann a.k.a. CHOP SHOP. A percentages of all sales directly benefit the artists, and build a fund to support future sound art projects.

The package shipped from Electric Knife Records and arrived safely in a protective package with flyers and assorted stickers – all very nice. I had not heard of Krause or Gubbels so was going in blind on this one. The three inch compact disc is housed in a cloth case and has an image of an assault rifle on the CD face.

I figure that it would be a compact disc of two tracks – but, it is the slowed down recording of one person’s 24 minutes and the sped up day-long recording overlayed on top of each other. This makes for quite a jarring experience – I would say it is noise more than the gentle drone of a stretched out audio sample. Yes, there is a bit of the drone in the background of the track – but that is dwarfed by the upfront rattle of the sped-up-all-day-in-24-minutes-overlay. However, this does not detract from the piece. What I got from it was that it could be posed as a metaphor for the bustle of work versus the peace found in solitude. But maybe that is just me & I have just drank three double espressos.

Here is a snippet of the twenty four minute one-track album that I lifted from Generator Sound Art’s site and you can buy the compact disc here