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One-Hundred and Seventeenth Edition of The Parish News

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The One-Hundred and Seventeenth Edition Of The Parish News: No Chippy Tea tonight – I am coming to the conclusion that people did not mind the fact I had half a potato in my mouth during the last show – I have been told it improved the links slightly. But, I am not eating anything on the One-Hundred and Seventeenth Edition of The Parish News.

The weather was a bit too cold to sit in a studio, even with the heating on full. So, I just called up to Creao Studio and borrowed some recording equipment. The show was done in my spare room and it is quite good – not the best, but quite good.

If you have any recommendations as to how to improve the show then please feel free to get in contact. If you want to write in to the show just send an email to [email protected]arishnews.com – I will try and get back to you. Also, if you are a musician then please consider sending me some of your music – this can be done on the contact page.

experimental radio show

Artist / Album / Song / Label

Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band / Mirror Man / Beatle Bones n’ Smokin’ Stones / Buddah Records 
Camila Fuchs / Heart Pressed Between Stones / One on One / ATP
Michele Mercure / Beside Herself / Beside Myself / Freedom To Spend
Geir Sundstøl / Brødløs / Kulten / Hubro
Geneva Skeen / A Parallel Array Of Horses / Los Angeles Without Palm Trees / Room40
Anoushka Shankar Feat. M.I.A. / Land Of Gold / Jump In (Cross The Line) / Deutsche Grammophon
Grupo San Francisko De Assis / Donde Esta El Kamino (Single) / Donde esta el kamino? / Farsa Discos
David Newlyn / Standard Low Noise Reference / bright blue (different speeds) / Focused Silence
Toshimaru Nakamura / Re-Verbed (No-Input Mixing Board 9) / NIMB 51
Ivan Palacky / Below The Radar …A Quiet Position Edition Two / Christmas Speech / Free With A Magazine
Jana Winderen / Spring Bloom in the Marginal Ice Zone / Speakers mix / Touch
The Upsetters / Furry Selection: Luxury Cuts of Trojan / 23rd Dub / Trojan
Darren Copeland / Situations superposées / Bats and Elephants / empreints DIGITALes

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