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One-Hundred and Fifteenth Edition of The Parish News

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The One-Hundred and Fifteenth Edition Of The Parish News: The vocals of my links sound a bit off it tonight – I have been hammering my Douche-Flute (Vapouriser) for too long today. Still, it is recorded and if you dig the show consider buying me a coffee to calm my voice down. The link is on this page.

There is a new, interesting act I play on this edition of the show – Beetle Box, aka John Pennington – to find out more about his work please see www.beetleboxmusic.com/

I ran out of time by the end of the show so a bit of the last track is missing – hope you enjoyed the show and you are encouraged to track the music down.

Thanks for listening x

experimental radio show

Artist / Album / Song

Philip Corner / EXTREEMIZMS early & late / Two-part Monologue No.1 (1958)
網守将平 (Shohei Amimori) / PataMusic / デカダン・ユートピア (Decadent Utopia)
Vessel / Queen Of Golden Dogs / Good Animal (For Hannah)
Julien Bayle / Violent Grains of Silence / phas
Bonaventure / Mentor / Mentor
CUTS / A Gradual Decline / A Gradual Decline
Philip Corner / EXTREEMIZMS early & late / Two-part Monologue No.2 (1958)
Fofoulah / Daega Rek / Kaddy
Maze & Lindholm / Where The Wolf Has Been Seen / Part II
Nazar / Enclave / Enclave
Coldcut & On-U Sound / Outside the Echo Chamber / Divide and Rule (feat. Lee “Scratch” Perry, Junior Reid, Elan & Adrian Sherwood)
Beetle Box / Beetle Box / Ellipsis
Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda / KE I TE KI / HI KA RI
Tresque / Aindanão EP / Espere
Pharoah Chromium / Jean Genet Quatre heures à Chatila / A1 Une photographie a deux dimensions…
Philip Corner / EXTREEMIZMS early & late / Two-part monologue No.3 (1958)