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One-Hundred and Thirteenth Edition of The Parish News

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The One-Hundred and Thirteenth Edition Of The Parish News: I tried to take the same approach as last time – beer in hand, effortlessly going through my links. However, I did not manage that the last show – so – who was I kidding! Plus, I still had Dom and Scooby from the previous show in the studio. I produce DJ Scooby’s Sound Of Wonder every Thursday and I have been hanging on at the end of the session to do The Parish News, the experimental radio show.

This show has its moments but we had a good laugh sorting the show out and getting it recorded.

Sorry if the background noise gets in the way of the links – but, I figure people only tune in for the music, so that won’t matter. The website for The Parish News has had a spruce up – I redesigned the site to keep it reflective of the music that I play. If you ever need a site making for a radio show then please see my portfolio. By day, I am a professional web designer and my portfolio is at www.andrewbackhouse.design.

I found it a bit weird having people sit in when I was doing my links – a good portion of the links needed redoing as a result. I found that I would speed up into gibberish when I felt the gaze of the people watching me – it was a weird one, but still; the show has been recorded and is due to be aired on American and UK Radio.

experimental radio show

Artist / Album / Song

Jason Forrest / Fear City / Biker Movies
Attilio Novellino / A Conscious Effort / Conceptual Experience Of The Body
Darren Copeland / Situations superposées / … while working and walking
John Santos Martins Accompanied By Zeal Onyia & His Band / Highlife On The Move – Selected Nigerian & Ghanaian Recordings From London & Lagos – 1954-66 / Fancy Baby
Síria / Cuspo / Gloria
Steve Hauschildt / Dissolvi / Alienself
Oliver Coates / Shelley’s on Zenn-La / A Church
David Newlyn / Standard Low Noise Reference / six phone calls (1985)
Ivor Cutler / Dandruff / Life In a Scotch Sitting Room
Wolfgang Mittere / Nine In One / Satz 1
Jonas Kasper Jensen / Within The Temporal Experience / An Indeterminacy Of Silence
Lee “Scratch” Perry / The Best Of Lee Perry / Babylon a Fall
experiMENTALien / TeTraTulpa / Telepathically Transformed Tulpa

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